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    Do you need focused research to help with your writing projects?

    Do you want additional in depth research for your presentation on
    topics like Self help or Motivational?

    Or, is time your concern and it would be great to have an expert
                                               helping you look for that elusive gem of information?

Then you have come to the right location! 

I am an AWAI Trained Internet Research Specialist and Certified Web Researcher with a reputation for digging deeper and finding the information you want on a wide variety of topics. 

My specialty is in Self Improvement and Motivational topics where I have many years of direct experience and training.  Over the years, I studied the methods and principles of the experts in this field, and now assist others in putting those concepts into practice as a master coach and mentor.  Who better to assist you with focused research in this specialized field, than someone who has expertise in the Self Help field and knows exactly where to look for the information you need?

However, what if your topic is not on Self Improvement and Motivation? 

Or, what if your project is writing a case study, making a presentation, or creating an information product to sell?

Not a problem!  As an experienced internet researcher, I will be using my skills and knowledge of available resources to locate relevant information that will add credibility and trust to your next writing project.

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Then, to find out how I can help you with quality-targeted research, please contact me at mikeb@internetresearchforyou.com  or call me at 602-796-6757.  You can also learn more about how I provide you with quality research on the Getting Started page.