About Me

I have built a reputation as being the “go to guy” when it comes to looking up facts and information for clients, co-workers, and friends.  When I find that golden nugget of information for them, they are pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily I can find exactly what they were looking for.

How do I accomplish this?  Years of experience and training.

In the corporate world, I was a senior level reviewer who had to fill in the blanks and verify content on a variety of technical reports.  After work, I spent quite a bit of time researching such topics as current events, self improvement, information on veterans’ issues and fund raising projects for my volunteer work.

My research training began when I was studying to be a professional engineer.  I quickly learned that doing some research so I could document my conclusions was just as important as finding the correct solution.  More recently, I have completed several Internet Researching courses including the AWAI Internet Research Specialist Course, the University of California, Berkeley Library Internet Research Workshop, and the McDougal Littell Web Research Specialist Class where I earned my certification as a Web Research Specialist.

My Mission
My mission is quite simply to provide you with the research you need so that you can complete your project and exceed your client's expectations.

My Guarantee
I guarantee your complete satisfaction with my work. If you are not 100% satisfied, I will revise your project quickly and at no charge to you.

What I cannot guarantee are specific results from my research. Some information may not be accessible or the information you are seeking may not exist. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee you a particular outcome from my research.

If I cannot find the results you are looking for; we can work together to make some changes to your search parameters so that we can improve the results.

For More Information

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Thank you,
Mike Bellard